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= Frontend Record Edit Form =

This is where people who have signed up can fill in any additional
information about themselves you wish to collect. It can be additional
demographic info, survey questions, what they would be willing to
offer in support. This form is accessible to the signups via an
individual link containing an ID number, which is emailed to them when
they sign up. They don’t need to register as a user or enter a
password, they just need the link.

= Backend Record Editing =

For your backend users, the ability to edit and enter new records is
provided. This backend form can also contain administrative fields
that won’t be visible to the front-end (not logged-in) user, so
organization staff can keep internal records of volunteer activities,
availability, contributions, personal notes, etc.

The backend form is set up for rapid manual entry of multiple records,
such as after a signup drive, doorbelling, or public event.For textarea fields, a rich-text editor will be used if enabled in the


= What happens when someone signs up? =
Their record is added to the database with the information provided in
the signup form. Also, two emails will be sent (if you want) one to
the admin to notify them of the signup, and also to the user to tell
them they’ve signed up and also give them a private link to their
record edit page so they can update or add to their record.

4. Put the `pdb_record` shortcode on the page where you want them to
fill out their full record. You must go to the plugin settings page
and select this page in the “Participant Record Page” dropdown.

5. When someone signs up, an email is sent to them with a private link
to their record so they can fill out all the fields you want them to.
This is why you need to tell the plugin where your `pdb_record`
shortcode is. You can define which fields they will see there on the
“manage fields” page.

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